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    Duijvelaar Pompen visited our foundry in changzhou

    Have already visited: 185705/13/2019  

    On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2019, we had the honor to meet the regional procurement and technical personnel of Duijvelaar Pompen, a famous Dutch water pump manufacturer, in our own foundry.

    As a well-known enterprise in the industry, DP of the Netherlands purchases a considerable number of pump body, impeller, pump shell and other related precision castings in China every year. At the same time, the production process and product quality of suppliers also have a high level of requirements and audit mechanism.And we've been working with DP for over five years.

    During this visit, DP staff visited our refurbished factory workshop—In order to comply with the requirements of the Chinese government on environmental protection of foundry enterprises, Shanghai maisu has added a lot of environment-friendly equipment in the foundry, which makes our casting production more stable and free from the influence of environmental supervision——This is reassuring for customers.

    Also we had a full discussion on the expected cooperation projects in 2019. It is expected to further increase the number of cooperative products in precision casting in 2019.

    (※Group photo with customers -- DP procurement and technology, left 3, left 4; Right 1, right 2 are sales staff and general manager of Changzhou MXT.)


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